Daniel Turner, B.Sc.



Dan Turner is a research trainee and American Heart Association (AHA) predoctoral fellow pursuing a PhD with the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (MCP) Training Program in Dr. Alexey Glukhov’s lab. Previously, Dan performed research on Rett Syndrome with the Dr. Qiang Chang Lab and was employed as an analytical research chemist at The Center for Dairy Research (CDR) at UW-Madison. In the Glukhov lab, Dan is the designated molecular biologist with technical experience in optimizing protocols related to human cell culture and evaluation of protein and gene expression for various cell types. His current research interests revolve around cardiac mechanosensitivity and its effect on cardiac performance in the healthy heart and during disease. Specifically, he has founded new research avenues implementing engineered cardiac tissue (collaboration with Dr. John Carter Ralphe) to study mechano-chemical signal transduction of the heart, its possible effect on caveolae expression, and subsequent effects on overall cardiac function that may underlie mechano-electrical effects that give rise to atrial fibrillation and other hypertension-induced cardiac diseases. Broadly speaking, Dan’s research is focused on cardio-protective cardiomyocyte membrane structures, namely caveolae, which are implicated in mechanotransduction by buffering mechanical forces and regulating various ion channels and signaling proteins.


2019 Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (MCP) Graduate Program Symposium – Poster Finalist

2019 UW-Madison Cardiovascular Research Center (CRVC) 25th Annual Research Summit – Poster Finalist

2020 MCP NIH T32 Trainee Research Project Grant – Recipient

2021 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE) Fall Research Competition, Graduate Student Grant – Recipient

2021 American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship – Recipient

2021 MCP NIH T32 Travel Award attend Heart Rhythm/Cardiac Electrophysiology Society Meeting – Recipient