Xiaoyu Yuan



I am a senior undergraduate from China studying biochemistry and physics, and I have been working in the Glukhov lab since my freshman year. My research has focused on how RyR2 mutation associated ventricular phenotypes associated with the atria and sinoatrial node activities using both rabbit and human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes models. In addition to my lab work, I love music and have been a member of a school orchestra and a music club.


2019 Best poster Award in UW-Madison Cardiovascular Research Summit

2021 AHA Undergraduate Student Fellowship


Lang D., Medvedev RY., Ratajczyk L., Zheng J., Yuan X., Lim E., Han OY., Valdivia HH., Glukhov AV. Region-specific distribution of transversal-axial tubule system organization underlies heterogeneity of calcium dynamics in the right atrium. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 322(2): H269-H284 (2022).

Yuan X., Ratajczyk L., Alvarado F., Valdivia H., Glukhov A., Lang D. Hierarchical Pacemaker Clustering within the Rabbit Sinoatrial Node is Driven by Dynamic Interaction between the Components of the Coupled-Clock System. Biophysical Journal, 118(3): 345a (2020).